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You Don’t Need One More Partner; You Need One Partner That Does More

Today’s business technology landscape is ever-changing, growing more and more complex and integrated every day. Couple this fact with a trend toward vendor specialization and you can quickly see how complex and complicated your business can become.

How Efficient is Your IT Services’ Model?

Are you using a tired and inefficient IT Services Model?  Many customers, unfortunately, would answer ‘yes’ to this question.  How would your company respond? In order to properly support your mission-critical operations, a typical company would engage 5 or more IT vendors, each with their own subject matter experts (SMEs), billing processes, support interactions and preferred methods of operation.    Unfortunately, this means it is your responsibility to manage these multiple vendors, coordinate their activities, determine root-cause analysis, and – ultimately – solve the problem.    In fact, your only real objective should be focusing on the overarching goals of business growth and profits. If this describes your organization, you are not alone.   The good news is,   that it doesn’t have to be this way!

The Single-Provider Advantage

What if you could relinquish your role of having to coordinate all these disparate services and individuals and bring in a trusted partner to help guide, direct, architect, recommend and then oversee your technology requirements? This would free your technical staff to work on in-house mission-critical needs rather than worrying if your back-end services are up and running. How would that change your daily outlook? Would it free up the time you need to spend on other mission-critical projects?

When Less is More

How much time would you estimate that it takes you to evaluate your company’s emerging technology needs, go through a typical sales cycle with multiple vendors, select the vendor that most closely fits your requirements, make your way through the onboarding process with them, and finally start the real work of deploying a solution? Add to this the time it takes to coordinate and integrate this new vendor with existing vendors, some of whom might have been passed over for this new work and are suddenly less than cooperative with the new vendor. Finally, add the time it takes to evaluate the new systems and discover how well they are serving your business growth and profit objectives. Now, you are starting to get a clearer understanding of the extensive skills, knowledge, and expertise required to navigate the murky waters of multiple vendors.

It’s About Time

The fact is that time is the biggest enemy of this equation. The faster you can discover, select, integrate and deploy a solution, the sooner you will know how it is truly impacting the bottom line. And the sooner you can implement course corrections, if necessary. The true source of every wasted minute spent in this management process can be pinpointed with precision. The conclusion most organizations reach is that coordinating and managing multiple IT vendors is a severe waste of resources, and every effort should be made to consolidate these services wherever possible.

When More Means Less

Having the right IT managed partner who can provide services to address a wide range of mission-critical needs means less wasted time, less staff manpower, less dedicated support resources, less worry about agility, responsiveness, scalability, and dependability. Quite simply, it means less stress and strain for you and your business.

How Can You Experience the Single-Provider Advantage?

It starts with a consultation with BusinessWays. No matter where you are in your assessment of needs, or your deployment of solutions, we can add value to the equation at no additional cost. By simply involving us as an IT advisor, we can potentially help save you thousands of dollars in wasted time, money and energy by assessing your needs and then recommending the right partner. It costs you nothing to engage us. We want to gain your trust and demonstrate exactly how we can be of value to your organization. Then once we establish a specific plan, you’ll see the ways in which we can save you additional time and money every year, by bringing your IT service requirements under tighter integration and deploying more cost-effective solutions.  

Every Client is Different

The process is as unique as your business. But one thing is certain: it is time to start. You cannot afford to waste more of your time and your company’s resources pursuing an old, inefficient IT model. Call us today or fill out our contact form, and allow us to better understand your business challenges.  It’s the first step to an on-going, comprehensive IT partnership that will provide a competitive advantage you can’t imagine ever having done without.   When you know more about our comprehensive range of service solutions, you’ll understand why more businesses are turning to BusinessWays for their IT needs.