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Telecom & Voice Services




Over 80% of all corporate telecom bills contain an error! Would you knowingly pay more for the exact same service? You wouldn’t…right? Of course not! If you could have the exact same service for 15%, 20% or 30% less, would you consider it? The vast majority of our customers say “YES”! That’s what thousands of customers are saying about our telecom solutions!

BusinessWays works with 35+ of the top national, regional and niche service providers to provide our customers a well-rounded product portfolio. Working with BusinessWays and our strategic telecom partners, you can confidently understand why we have the capability, expertise and skills to bring the right solution to you – our customer – at the lowest possible price.

Does it cost you anything to investigate? Absolutely not!

By simply analyzing 2 – 3 months of your company’s phone bills, we can compare your current service against our 35+ providers. Armed with that information, it simply becomes your choice. Remain with your current provider or change and save money for the same – if not increased – services. It’s as simple as that.

Telecom Services - Nashville TN - BusinessWays LLCYou have nothing to lose except large Telecom bills each and every month.  Understanding your Telecom bill is the first step to reducing your monthly costs.  BusinessWays will compare your service requirements against the top 35+ providers nationwide on your behalf.  Your only decision is determining if you wish to save money each and every month.

Voice and Data Services are an increasingly complex and competitive arena for most businesses to navigate successfully. Many companies invest heavily in telecom systems that have no hope of truly meeting their needs, but they buy them based on a one-size-fits-all sales pitch that dazzles and convinces them, only to be disappointed later. Don’t fall into this trap. Let our partner experts at BusinessWays help you get a true assessment of your needs and develop personalized solutions with exactly the features you need most, delivered within budget.

Everybody is Mobile These Days

In today’s mobile society, both employers and employees must remain constantly connected and in touch. Mobility is the fastest growing segment of the technology sector and all research points to continued and exponential growth for the foreseeable future. Mobility is where the industry is going … will you be there and ready? BusinessWays will ensure that everyone remains connected.

Every Enterprise is Unique

This means that the business challenges you and your customers face are unique, but certainly not uncommon. Your needs don’t fit neatly in a box and neither do the solutions they require. As a BusinessWays customer, you can be confident that a tailored solution will be implemented that meets your unique business challenges and provides a very personalized experience for your customers.

Voice Services Run the Gamut

Voice Services run the gamut from standard TDM to the latest in VoIP technologies. Whether you are looking for the most cost-effective service, an efficient way to communicate, and/or improving the customer experience, BusinessWays has solutions that will meet your business and budget requirements.

We Provide the Following Telecom Services:

  • 35+ Carriers
  • Voice & Data Solutions
  • Mobile & Cable
  • Software as a Service (Saas) Solutions
  • Video Conferencing
  • Back Office Automation

As a member of the Technology Channel Association Board, and with over 3,500 customers nationally, we understand how to meet the telecommunications needs and requirements of any size business.

What We Do

When you engage BusinessWays, we make an initial free assessment and audit of your entire current environment, inclusive of the following:

  • Overall Telecom Spend
  • Voice, Data and Wide Area Network Usage
  • Cloud Computing Evaluation (if any)
  • Wireless Assets and Plans
  • Security Requirements (Unified Communications Collaboration)
  • Virtualization, Servers, Data Center and Co-location requirements (if any)

Based on the above, we make Solution and Provider recommendations specific to your company’s requirements.  Every company is unique and we’d be doing our customers a serious disservice to think that “one solution fits all.”    Armed with this information, we will present the optimum solution to you, our customer.  The decision, thereafter, is quite simple    …   decide to save money on your monthly phone bills, or not.   We welcome you to join our over 3,500 customers nationwide who have said “yes” to reduced monthly Telecom charges with equal or better service.

Once completed, we provide on-going support – at no cost to you – of the following:

  • Billing Accuracy
  • Technology Updates
  • Compliance Support
  • Asset Management
  • Customer Service


Learn a little bit more about us to give you the confidence you need to choose BusinessWays for solving your IT challenges.