How never to throw an interception?

I am certain that every quarterback that ever played the game of football wishes that there is a way to never throw an interception. Just think of the humiliation, embarrassment, and the potential of defeat that an interception can cause. On the other hand, think of the glory and pride that comes with never throwing an interception.

Well, there is a way to avoid interception. If a QB never tries to throw the ball, he will never throw an interception. Of course; never trying also means never succeeding, and no want to fail for never trying.

But the difference between merely making an “effort” and producing results is that between a winning quarterback, and one who is not. Preparation and hard work will lead to making the right decisions most of the time. You don’t have to be right all the time, just more right than wrong.

Too many people in business are hesitant to try new ideas, or make decisions for the fear of throwing an interception. It is the business leaders role to create a culture where colleagues are not afraid of trying, and not afraid of making decisions. And it is your responsibility not be afraid of making an “interception”, if you are well prepared, you will score more touch downs than interception.

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