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Managed IT

Is there a cost to explore these Cloud or Managed Service options?
Absolutely not! There is no cost or obligation whatsoever. Your only investment is some time. You have recognized the need for potentially engaging Cloud and/or Managed Services but are unsure where to begin. Our role is to help you navigate that space and assist in making the right recommendations and bringing the appropriate partners to the table.

Can you explain your Disaster Recovery Services and how they might assist my company?
We offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of availability services, providing the essential elements needed to recover quickly after a disaster or business disruption. Every solution is tailored precisely to what your organization needs.

There’s no technology agenda on our part: Our watchword is “technology neutral” built around your performance needs and sensitivity to the cost pressures that you are under.

Keep in mind over 70% of small companies that have a major crash and are down for more than 5 days do not recover and – unfortunately – are either severely hampered or end-up closing shop. These are frightening but true statistics.

So, how can BusinessWays help a business with Disaster Recovery?
BusinessWays’ focus is to free our customers from the tedious and time-consuming problems that can plague small and medium-sized companies in the areas of Recovery Services. We want our customers to focus on their core business growth and to be free of the complexity and high cost of supporting unneeded services.


  1. Design a DR system around your company.
  2. If you are doing your own backup, have one person in charge and be consistent.
  3. Don’t leave the backup on top of server

As our motto indicates, “ you don’t need one more partner, but rather one partner that does more.”

Given that, how can BusinessWays help a small or medium-sized business save money by developing a Disaster Recovery System?
a. There are only so many times you can apologize to your customers. If you are constantly having downtime it’s time to look at a more reliable long-term solution. Customers are only considerate for a period of time before your competition replaces you.
b. And unplanned downtime of any kind is unthinkable.
c. Your customer’s costs are very much top-of-mind when we are developing availability solutions for you, our customer.
d. Our vendors have an unmatched record of disaster recovery. Over three decades and thousands of IT outages, we have recovered everyone quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

What is the advantage of utilizing your providers?
BusinessWays has leveraged its size, experience, and sheer volume to negotiate key strategic partnerships and pricing arrangements that benefit you … our customer. Because we represent so many customers – across the country – we’ve leveraged the sheer volume of large numbers to negotiate exceptional savings with these brand-name suppliers.

How can we be sure your recovery solutions works?
When we have completed installation, we help you test your recovery responses. We work closely with you to ensure that you have all the resources necessary to recover in the event of any serious outage. And we advise on everything from recovery strategies to the specifics of the testing programs. Again, this is all part of the service we provide at no additional cost to you, our customer.

What are examples of the services you are capable of managing?

We provide:

  • Server Management Services: Proactive administration, management, monitoring, reporting and support for the following operating systems. AIX, OS/400, HP-UX, Linux,(Red Hat) Microsoft Windows, VMware(ESX) and Solaris to name a few
  • Storage Services: Data backup Services and SAN services, to support primary storage and information backup, as well as data protection and compliance requirements.
  • Server Replication Services: Server Replication and Virtual server Replication for critical applications that must be available all the time. Includes activation, management, monitoring and problem resolution, as well as managed failover and fallback.
  • Security Services: Monitoring, management and support, and 7x24x365 access to our certified technical, engineering and security specialists.
  • Network Services: Proven and reliable network connectivity (WAN, LAN, and internet) throughout your enterprise, with redundant and secure infrastructure solutions engineered for uninterrupted performance.
  • Monitoring Services: Notification of performance issues and proactive testing of websites, applications, and appliances, from our IT experts working around the clock, on your behalf.

Can you provide an example of a customer problem that BusinessWays addressed?
We had a customer that was maintaining their computers themselves. Trouble was when something crashed, they called an outside company to come in to repair it. They had to stop working, wait for the Tech to make the repair and then resume. As the old adage goes “… time is money” and it was costing them dearly in lost productivity and shrinking customer confidence.

Now; if their system crashes, you may not even be aware because a Tech at one of our Datacenters has already made the repair before you even knew it happened. In effect, you are notified – after the fact – that a problem was encountered and corrected on your behalf.

No downtime, no call to an outside tech. What is that worth to you and your customers?

What are some benefits of Advanced Hosting services?
a. Multi-platform support, including virtualized systems.
b. Ensuring Service Level Agreements are being met.
c. SAS 70 Type II and ISO 9001 certification, PCI DSS-compliant facilities and processes
d. Affordable access to secure, highly reliable infrastructure services as well as enterprise-class skills



How can BusinessWays help a business save money with their phone service?
BusinessWays has negotiated key strategic relationships with brand-name major Telecom suppliers. We are able to compare your company’s phone expenses against 35+ different providers nationally, giving your company the best value for money invested. Why would anyone want to pay more for the exact same service? They wouldn’t and that is why we are so successful!

Who are these providers? Would we recognize any of them?
Yes … absolutely. We have partnered with all of the major providers, such as AT&T, Comcast, XO Communications, Verizon, Sprint and Windstream to name just a few.

How is BusinessWays able to do this … it sounds almost too good to be true?
BusinessWays has leveraged its size, experience and sheer volume to negotiate key strategic partnerships and pricing arrangements that benefit you … our customer. Because we represent so many customers – across the country – we’ve leveraged the sheer volume of huge numbers to negotiate exceptional savings with these brand-name suppliers.

What is the value to investigating possible Telecom savings?
Simply put … You either save money on your corporate phone bill or not. It costs you nothing to investigate and then you make the decision. You can change or stay with your current supplier. It is your decision. There is no pressure whatsoever but – we will say – that we have few rejections after our customers realize the savings they will be receiving.

How is your Telecom services actually performed?
We accomplish this by performing an in-depth analysis of your current phone expenses. We compare your bills against 35 + providers nationwide, giving you the best value for your dollar. In fact, we can provide references from over 3,500 satisfied customers across the nation.

What is the extent of your IT and Telecom market reach?
Our reach is actually global. We have many US-based organizations that have offices in multiple states as well as overseas. Additionally, we have small companies with one office that require rather modest services. To summarize we can save you money regardless of the size of your organization. We help you save money on your IT or phone services so you can put it to better use in your business.

Can you explain VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocal?
Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is a methodology and group of Technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over high-speed internet protocols (IP) such as the internet. It allows for extremely fast access at very reduced rates.

Tell us about the Customer Experience?
Communication is the key. Our key objective is to serve our customers the best way possible. We give you the opportunity to be heard each and every time. Our goal is to build relationships with each customer.

We have found, by comparing phones bills alone, over 80% of the time we are able to match their current supplier or lower their phone bill with improved service.