The fallacy perpetual motion machines, Or, what is wrong with America?

To me, John Wayne embodies the character and values that made America great. Innovation and hard work transformed America to the greatest country in the world in less than 200 years. An amazing accomplishment, given the existing great old world powers, and the tremendous odds against “starting up a new country”.
Our not-so-distant fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters worked diligently to give the world its first true “economic democracy”. Hard work, innovation, and perseverance were the keys to life blessed with dignity, abundance, and to ensure that your children have even a better life than you did.
Somehow along the way, scheming replaced innovation; short-cuts replaced long hours of work, and the attitude of “instant” substituted for the necessity of planning, making, building, and learning. The nation that invented 90% of what we use today has been relegated to depending of other nations for its economic well-being.
What happened is that we took the great “machine” that our fathers and mothers built for granted, and assumed it will last forever, without us lifting a finger. We believed that prosperity, opportunities and growth are self-perpetuating. Well, the machine is now broken, due to neglect, and lack of updates. No machine can work forever without being cared for.
The technology that supported the telephone and fax era will not help cut our healthcare cost, increase automobile fuel economy, or help the slipping educational system.

Innovation and hard work, just like our ancestors did, not to long ago, are the only way out this mess.

And to John Wayne, I am building a homestead 🙂

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