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cloud-services-nashville-tn-business-ways“The Cloud.” Everybody is throwing that word around these days, often in an effort to impress. The real danger of a technological buzz word like this is not its overuse, but the failure to understand how to apply the technology to real-world business scenarios in a manner consistent with business objectives. But this is exactly where we like to start every discussion about Cloud Computing and Cloud Services, with the simple question:

“How can this technology be paired with your business objectives to help you communicate better, reduce cost, save time, and protect data?”

Do you know the answer to this question? If not, let us help you explore Cloud solutions, to see if they are right for your organization.

Our Cloud Services Include:

  • Elastic Scalability On Demand
  • Dedicated, Shared or Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Connect Enabled Services
  • Enterprise Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Storage & Delivery Services
  • SharePoint as a Service
  • Oracle as a Service
  • Private/Public Cloud Storage

Part of our complete services here at BusinessWays is data compliance, security and availability. We can help you and your company address these challenges today.


Why BusinessWays?

  • Delivers Cost Effective Services
  • Supports Customer Goals and Objectives
  • Guarantees 7 x 24 SystemAvailability
  • Provides Scalable and Extensible IT Services
  • Improves Customer Service
  • Provides Superior Value-to-Price Correlation
  • Ensures Business Continuity Processes
  • Improves IT Infrastructure Efficiency
  • Delivers Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Maximizes Team Staff Effectiveness
  • Provides Extensive Telecom Cost Savings
  • Supports 35+ Telecom Providers
  • Provides Voice/Data Options
  • Simplifies the Business of IT

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I’ve found, throughout the years, that everyone talks about IT/Business Alignment as the “Holy Grail.” However, typical solutions and/or recommendations tend to be based almost exclusively on intra-company communication efforts. BusinessWays provided practical step-by-step guidance that ensured success while building a true partnering relationship. Their approach was both practical in its implementation and elegant in its business impact. Progress was measurable and – of most importance – the satisfaction levels among internal customers was raised dramatically.
~ Richard A., SVP Strategy, Planning & Development, Health Care Service Company