Comprehensive Back-Up and Data Replication

Infrastructure and systems are unique to every business. BusinessWays strategy is to build a back-up and recovery solution that is right for your business.

Whether it includes disk, tape or cloud backup technology – or a hybrid approach to data protection – our flexible data replication and backup solutions, paired with personalized expert assistance, ensure your applications and data are fully protected against incidents. These incidents include everything from power outages to data corruption and natural disasters.

Backup & Data Replication Offers:

  • Recovery of single documents, entire databases, or complete systems
  • De-duplication for efficient backup storage
  • Application replication and data backup from virtually anywhere
  • Secure storage options including cloud backup, disk, and tape replication to ensure you get the best solution—at the right cost—to match the importance of each application
  • Guarantees for meeting recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Partially or fully managed testing and recovery
  • A web interface for multi-location management
  • Enterprise-class infrastructure and processes compliant with a broad range of general and industry-specific regulatory requirements

data-nashville-tn-business-waysTo discuss how we might be able to help, call one of our BusinessWays’ data protection and recovery specialists at 1-615-279-3438.

Your applications drive your business, and the availability of those applications is what makes you successful. But if that data is compromised or lost, so is your business. That’s why we rolled out our new Managed Backup Services to help you manage your data more efficiently, effectively, and securely.

We’ve Got Your Back

Managed backups help ensure your applications are available and outsource the day-to-day backup management and reporting of your critical applications, so you can rely on long-term data retention, operational data restoration, and backup data that’s recoverable following an interruption.

Through our partnership with industry-leading backup and replication technology partners, BusinessWays has become the only managed services provider offering a Managed Backup Service (MBS), using a utility-based pricing model with SLA-backed services, application-level recovery, and a CapEx-free solution.

Your data is backed up automatically and replicated to a Recovery Data Center with industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The infrastructure and services at a world-class facility provide you with the specialized expertise you need to meet your compliance and audit goals consistently.

Data access and storage are critical to the success of your business applications, and your business needs more of it every day. In order to meet this growing demand, you’re forced to add capacity to your data protection infrastructure, because if you don’t, performance and availability are put at risk.

At the same time, IT budgets at most organizations have decreased. Making matters worse, adding capacity also brings with it additional support requirements like power, cooling, space, management resources, and CapEx spending, which increase the total cost of ownership.

With Managed Backup Services and guaranteed SLAs, your capacity is there when you need it, not when you don’t. When using MBS, you will see no increase in capital expenditures, and as data demand increases, you can scale on-demand, only paying for the usage you need. Not only that, you are free to allocate your people to other projects or problems, reducing the pressure on your resources and mitigating the risk of human error in the complexity of your internal environment.

To discuss how we might be able to help, call one of our BusinessWays data protection and recovery specialists at 1-615-279-3438.


Our managed IT services include comprehensive business continuity planning so your business keeps going in even the most challenging circumstances.


Why BusinessWays?

  • Delivers Cost Effective Services
  • Supports Customer Goals and Objectives
  • Guarantees 7 x 24 SystemAvailability
  • Provides Scalable and Extensible IT Services
  • Improves Customer Service
  • Provides Superior Value-to-Price Correlation
  • Ensures Business Continuity Processes
  • Improves IT Infrastructure Efficiency
  • Delivers Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Maximizes Team Staff Effectiveness
  • Provides Extensive Telecom Cost Savings
  • Supports 35+ Telecom Providers
  • Provides Voice/Data Options
  • Simplifies the Business of IT

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Thank you BusinessWays and team. I can honestly say that you made a huge (and healthy) difference in our bottom line.
~ Nina S., CFO, Health Care