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The Business/IT Alignment Challenge

Why does IT enable business growth, innovation, and efficiency in some organizations, while only earning the contempt of business leaders in others?

“The United States is losing almost as much money per year to IT failures as it did to the financial meltdown. However, the financial meltdown was presumably a one-time affair. The cost of IT failure is paid year after year.” R. Sessions

Why does IT enable business growth, innovation, and efficiency in some organizations, while only earning the contempt of business leaders in others? The answer is often Business/IT alignment. In organizations that are unsuccessful in aligning business and IT, the blame, angst, and even contempt are often mutual. On the other hand, organizations that are well aligned consistently deliver substantial shareholder value.

In a recent study by Roger Sessions, he concluded that the IT failure worldwide costs the world economy a staggering $6.2 trillion per year, or $500 billion each month! Sessions believes, and we agree, that this problem is solvable by successfully aligning Business and IT. Not only will the solution bring compelling financial rewards, it will bring many other rewards as well:

  • Reducing complexity
  • Helping small and mid-sized businesses become more competitive
  • Increasing the agility of organizations
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Making the workplace a more collaborative environment
  • Delivering IT systems on-time and within business expectations


Need more proof? A recent IBM study showed substantial benefits to business / IT alignment.

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BusinessWays’ focus and expertise is Business/IT alignment. Our goal is to work with you to address your business challenges and bring the appropriate partners to the table to help you implement the solution that is best for you.

Business/IT Alignment is Mandatory for Business Survival

How do you ensure the delivery of the needed business results on a consistent basis?

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It is a self-correcting vehicle to:

  • Align IT investments with business strategy and operational objectives
  • Extract maximum value out of IT spending
  • Enable full business participation in technology solutions design
  • Ensure that various business units within the company and IT have agreed-upon service levels for all processes and services
  • Bridge the chasm between IT and the business
  • Ensure that IT has the right resources assigned, and is funded, supported, and empowered
  • Promote innovative solutions to business problems
  • Optimize the strategic contributions of project and program investments against the organization’s capacity and capability.

… And what are the benefits of successful Business/IT Alignment?

  • Improved speed to market
  • Increased efficiency of implementation & integration
  • Elimination of waste:  you focus on products and services that only add business value
  • Reduced costs though re-usability and modularity
  • Risk reduction through more predictable outcomes
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Enhanced quality  —  Continuous improvement is built-in
  • Creation of an investment portfolio that maximizes business impact
  • Improve employee morale and reduce conflict
  • Budgeting becomes less painful and more predictable
  • Increased enterprise agility
  • And the ultimate benefit   …   improving the bottom-line

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How We Accomplish Total Business/IT Alignment

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  • You are doing things right and
  • You are doing the right things

T-Valves® are checkpoints that make this system practical, predictable, and simple. The system is guided by six checkpoints; we call them T-Valves®. They are:

  • Strategy Mapping:   Using our “Direct Line of Sight” tools, we ensure that your business strategy is directly mapped to Operations and IT.
  • Design & Architecture:  How we translate business strategies into Opportunities, Innovations, and Solutions.
  • Winning Business Portfolio Selecting a winning portfolio of Products & Services
  • Project Management & Governance:   How to effectively and predictably execute the selected portfolio
  • Metrics, Reporting & Business Value Validation:   You can’t manage what you can’t measure
  • Continuous Process Improvement Efficiency improvements are on-going.

You may not need help with all areas.  BusinessWays will work with you to create the rightsolution that is unique to your business model.

The Value of Integrated Business/IT Alignment

Our Approach:


Utilizing a five-step approach, each step has clearly defined objectives and outcomes.  We ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked.  The steps are as follows:

  • Assessment:   Where do you stand today?
  • Future State:  What is your ultimate future goal?
  • Gap Analysis and Roadmap:   What does it take to accomplish and how are you going to achieve it?
  • Execution:   Delivery is much easier when the Plan is clear and everyone knows their roles and responsibilities.
  • Validation:   Did we do the right things and did we do things right?

Put an end to chaos, conflict, and the risk of business failure.  The benefits of Business/IT Alignment are mandatory for business survival!

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Here at BusinessWays, we believe in the IT single-provider advantage and we look forward to discussing all the reasons why.