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Customizable Business Continuity Planning

When business stops – after an outage or a disaster – you need a way to get people working again quickly and efficiently. And, since no two work environments are the same, you need the right backup plan. BusinessWays has the solution!










Through BusinessWays’ partners, our job is to customize a workforce continuity (or work area recovery) plan to meet the specific requirements of your business continuity plan. This can range from provisioning for a few key personnel, a critically important department, or your entire company.

Our business continuity experts are available 24/7 to help your key employees get reconnected and back up and running, wherever they are.

The Workforce Continuity program gives you the expertise, equipment, and facilities of enterprise-grade data center infrastructure and networks. So you avoid the guesswork, costly capital outlay and maintenance requirements of building and updating a backup worksite of your own.

To enhance your overall business continuity plan, the BusinessWays’ Workforce Continuity program provides:

  • More than 27,000 workstation seats worldwide, all fully outfitted with network, computer, telephone, and office equipment
  • Complete connectivity for your systems, applications, telephones, and Internet
  • Mobile recovery units at your location within 48 hours in the continental United States
  • Secure connections to allow employees to work from home
  • Prompt shipping of personal computers or servers to any location in the continental United States within 48 hours

Flexible, Proven Business Continuity Strategies

Our work area and business continuity plans go beyond providing facilities, equipment, and connectivity. We also help design a strategic program that’s right for you. This can include each of the following:

  • Expert Workforce Recovery Planning: We’ll talk with you to understand your business, so we can help you identify the most critical employees and skill sets, and only then decide how best to maintain their productivity.
  • Desktop Drive Imaging: The desktop drive imaging service allows your employees to work from exact replicas of their own desktops in the event of an interruption.
  • A Common Operating Environment: Recovery centers are equipped with the latest desktop and server hardware. So, no matter what your employees are used to, they’ll get that common operating environment and can jump back in where they left off without compatibility problems.

Call one of our recovery specialists at 1-615-279-3438 to discuss how Workforce and Business Continuity Planning Services might be a useful solution for you.


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