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BusinessWays Executive Summary


Working together to provide the highest-quality, ROI-driven, technically-efficient, cost-effective, and scalable IT services for all our customers in full support of their revenue and bottom-line goals. Earning Customer Trust Through Quality IT Service Deliverables.

  • Portfolio of 17 Major Technology Companies
  • Includes eDOC4u, Cell Journalist, nTelagent, iTrails, etc.
  • Leadership Includes a “who’s who” of IT Innovation Leaders
  • Well-respected Technology Inventors and Author
  • Decades of Technology Experience Among Founders
  • Winner HP Global Partner of the Year for Innovation
  • Winner Stevies Award, American Business Awards
  • EPA Green Power Leadership Club


Dennis R. Amico
President and Managing Director
(615) 279-3438


BusinessWays provides Managed Services, Data Center Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning, Telecommunications, & VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.


Any business that leverages technology to achieve their objectives. Our service offerings are both industry and size agnostic, as we focus on fundamental services used by any business arena — from small start-up organizations requiring base-level telecom solutions to multi-national corporations requiring worldwide managed service solutions. Our core strategic partners help us bring the right solution to address the customer’s need.


BusinessWays has partnered with major award-winning global service providers in their respective fields of discipline. Few, if any, IT service providers have approached the market from the ubiquitous viewpoint of providing services based directly on the needs and requirements of the customer. Typically, an IT Service Provider or reseller will have relationships with one or possibly two competing vendor solutions. By providing access to a wider variety of world-class providers, we focus only on finding the right services and vendors to satisfy customer needs, without any bias toward a particular solution.

Business Model:

Our revenue model is based on recurring residual monthly income based upon contract length and duration. We have negotiated strategic partnering relationships that support this model in the best interests of the customer, the global provider and BusinessWays. Our value proposition, therefore, becomes the requirements of the customer, without regard to personal preference, vendor bias, or alliance.


Whether providing a VOIP telecom solution, 7x24x365 managed services, high-availability applications, disaster recovery and/or BCP requirements, we guarantee our customers the highest-quality and most cost-effective solutions available within the industry. Our underlying goal is to help customers focus on their respective business needs and to allow BusinessWays to deliver appropriate ROI-proven technical solutions that support their business requirements. To summarize, we support our customers by leveraging the latest and most value-driven technologies in pursuit of their business goals and objectives.




  • Richard Amico, CEO
  • Dennis R. Amico, President & Managing Director




Certifications and Accreditations

SAS-70 Type II/ISO-27001/SSAE-16 Type II

Audited facilities – Assures that all processes, policies, procedures, and controls have been audited in compliance with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Microsoft Gold Certification

Facilities have been audited to a rigorous standard established by Microsoft to ensure that facilities and their processes are built for performance, scale and reliability

PCI DSS Certified

Audited to a comprehensive, multi-faceted security standard for enhancing payment account processing

Winner HP Global Partner of the Year for Innovation

“…  organizations have to accelerate time to market and time to business value  …   partners (like those associated with BusinessWays), help break down rigid IT silos with infrastructures specifically engineered to drive out cost and provide the foundation for agile service delivery.” –  Hewlett Packard

Customer Service in the Computer Services Category

The American Business Awards (ABA) describes excellent customer service as an unparalleled level of support and 100% responsiveness to customer needs and emergencies.

EPA Green Power Leadership Club

Requires 30% (Currently at 100%) of total US power consumption to be supplied from renewable resources.Total Power Consumption:  56,312,000  kWh/year Current Percentage of Green Power in the U.S.:  100%