How can BusinessWays help a business save money with their phone service?
BusinessWays has negotiated key strategic relationships with brand-name major Telecom suppliers. We are able to compare your company’s phone expenses against 35+ different providers nationally, giving your company the best value for money invested. Why would anyone want to pay more for the exact same service? They wouldn’t and that is why we are so successful!

Who are these providers? Would we recognize any of them?
Yes … absolutely. We have partnered with all of the major providers, such as AT&T, Comcast, XO Communications, Verizon, Sprint and Windstream to name just a few.

How is BusinessWays able to do this … it sounds almost too good to be true?
BusinessWays has leveraged its size, experience and sheer volume to negotiate key strategic partnerships and pricing arrangements that benefit you … our customer. Because we represent so many customers – across the country – we’ve leveraged the sheer volume of huge numbers to negotiate exceptional savings with these brand-name suppliers.

What is the value to investigating possible Telecom savings?
Simply put … You either save money on your corporate phone bill or not. It costs you nothing to investigate and then you make the decision. You can change or stay with your current supplier. It is your decision. There is no pressure whatsoever but – we will say – that we have few rejections after our customers realize the savings they will be receiving.

How is your Telecom services actually performed?
We accomplish this by performing an in-depth analysis of your current phone expenses. We compare your bills against 35 + providers nationwide, giving you the best value for your dollar. In fact, we can provide references from over 3,500 satisfied customers across the nation.

What is the extent of your IT and Telecom market reach?
Our reach is actually global. We have many US-based organizations that have offices in multiple states as well as overseas. Additionally, we have small companies with one office that require rather modest services. To summarize we can save you money regardless of the size of your organization. We help you save money on your IT or phone services so you can put it to better use in your business.

Can you explain VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocal?
Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is a methodology and group of Technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over high-speed internet protocols (IP) such as the internet. It allows for extremely fast access at very reduced rates.

Tell us about the Customer Experience?
Communication is the key. Our key objective is to serve our customers the best way possible. We give you the opportunity to be heard each and every time. Our goal is to build relationships with each customer.

We have found, by comparing phones bills alone, over 80% of the time we are able to match their current supplier or lower their phone bill with improved service.


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Why BusinessWays?

  • Delivers Cost Effective Services
  • Supports Customer Goals and Objectives
  • Guarantees 7 x 24 SystemAvailability
  • Provides Scalable and Extensible IT Services
  • Improves Customer Service
  • Provides Superior Value-to-Price Correlation
  • Ensures Business Continuity Processes
  • Improves IT Infrastructure Efficiency
  • Delivers Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Maximizes Team Staff Effectiveness
  • Provides Extensive Telecom Cost Savings
  • Supports 35+ Telecom Providers
  • Provides Voice/Data Options
  • Simplifies the Business of IT

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Thank you BusinessWays and team. I can honestly say that you made a huge (and healthy) difference in our bottom line.
~ Nina S., CFO, Health Care